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Lemon Ice HAZE CBD 150mg Disposable CBD Vape

Lemon Ice HAZE CBD 150mg Disposable CBD Vape

The Lemon Ice HAZE CBD 150mg Disposable CBD Vape is a must-try pleasure for vaping fans and those looking for a refreshing twist. Immerse yourself in the energising scent of Alphonso lemons, skillfully pulped to perfection and combined with a touch of ice to create a CBD vaping experience unlike any other.


Natural Alphonso Lemon Flavouring: Our Lemon Ice CBD Disposable is made with the genuine, natural flavour of Alphonso lemons. Discover the true, acidic notes that only real lemons can deliver, resulting in a flavour symphony that dances on your taste receptors.

We’ve added a slight yet energising chilly undertone: To heighten the experience. This infusion of cold freshness wonderfully balances the zesty lemon flavour, offering an appealing revitalising feeling.

Convenient Disposable Design: We created this CBD vape with your convenience in mind. There’s no need to bother about recharging or replenishing. Simply open the packaging, enjoy your Lemon Ice CBD, and properly dispose of it when completed. It’s the easiest way to enjoy your favourite flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Lemon Ice CBD Disposable?
It’s quite simple. Simply open the packet, draw, and enjoy the lemony-icy bliss. There are no buttons, refills, or charges needed.

Is this product appropriate for CBD enthusiasts?
Without a doubt! Lemon Ice CBD Disposable is ideal for CBD fans searching for an easy method to consume their preferred cannabinoid.

Can I use this product to get a cool vaping experience?
Certainly! Our Lemon Ice CBD Disposable promises to tantalise your taste buds with its cold and lemony voyage, whether you’re new to CBD or simply looking for a nice vaping experience.

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